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Browse by: Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Expert Questions

H1N1 in pet birds

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

How easy is it for our pet birds to get the h1n1 virus? If so what are the signs?
My thanks, Chris Karpo

Parrot Parasite

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hi, I am a new member, v glad to have found your site. Altho not a parrot owner at present I have long been a fan of these wonderful creatures. In the past I worked for many years with wild bird...

PCR Technology

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hello. I’m reading Luescher’s, “Manual of Parrot Behavior,” and I have a question. On page 204 of chapter 17 you find this statement in reference to PBFD:

“Diagnosis is made through histopathology...

Air Purifiers

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hello, I just bought 3 Argenus air sterilizers by Hunter. They belong to model #: 30580. This is the data they give me regarding ozone output on these units:

“As a byproduct of the high voltage...

What’s wrong with my African Grey?

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

In a few months,our African Grey has gone from a healthy, talking parrot to a bird that is plucking all its feathers, weak voice, lost balance, difficulty perching,, no talking, shaking and...

Cockatiel Hiccups

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I have a 19 year old cockatiel and have noticed that he sometimes opens his beak and it looks like he has hick-ups. I can hear air come up from his crop. He seems in good health and is eating well....

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