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Browse by: Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Expert Questions

Are seashells safe as parrot toys

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I am wondering if seashells are save to give me African brown head to play with. I noticed one of the toys in his pen has seashells attached...

Why does my cockatiel keep picking?

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hi Dr. Cook, One of my cockatiels has been “picking” at her back - an area right between her wing couplings - for about 3 months now. If left to it, she will chew until it bleeds. She is not...

Using phenol around birds

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

We have a mold problem in our bathroom in our home We been advised to uses a product called Sporicidin to treat the wood sub-floor. The main ingredient is phenol. The birds we be relocated while...

Techniques to stop egg laying in a Sun Conure

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Last week, my eight year old sun conure, Rainbow, recently laid two eggs. I am a first-time parrot owner, and we’d always assumed she was a male, so this was surprising for her human flock-members....

Newly adopted Blue-fronted Amazon

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I've recently adopted a Blue Fronted Amazon named Bella. She's 6 years old and from what I know of her history she's been with two families, the first sold her because they had a baby and the...

Could temperature change cause the death of a Australian King Parrot?

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hi!  I need advice, My husband gave me an Australian King Parrot about a year ago and he appears to be fine, but this morning I found him dead, What are the possibilities of death by temperature...

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