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Browse by: Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Expert Questions

Broken Flight Feathers

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

My 6 year old African Grey seems to have a problem with growing her flight feathers on one wing.  When I rehomed her 2 years ago she had all her primaries on the left wing and none on the right....

Sore Feet

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

My Question:
I bought a pair of rosellas in November 2007. I realised at the time that one of them (the male) had sore feet but I didn’t realise the severity of it until I got home. The poor bird...

Lactose Intolerance

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I have read a lot about lactose intolerance in parrots, but most of it has just been confusing. I also know many parrots who love cheese (of various kinds), yogurt and milk and consume them in...

Dirty Bird

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

My Question:
I have a dirty bird (hahaa!). He is an 11 yr old adopted Patagonian Conure named Luther. He stinks. I have two other pattis, and if you’ve ever been around this species much, you will...

Watery Droppings

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I have a 12 year old African Grey & while we are in, he has free flight around the house. He's healthy very alert & talkative has a good varied diet. Occasionally he has very watery droppings which...

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