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Expert Questions

Amazon with itchy skin

Brian Speer, DVM

I am perplexed and very worried for one of my 5 Yellow-headed amazons. Four are 26 years old, and one (female, Gitana) is now about 14 years old. A couple of winters ago Gitana started pulling her...

Sinusitus in an Amazon parrot

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a 35 yr old male yellow-naped amazon that was wild caught. I live on the SF Bay peninsula so you are familiar with the climate. For many years he has had a chronic case of sinusitus. From...

Un-opened ear canals

Brian Speer, DVM

Hello I have a pair of Buffons Macaws they are a year old the female's ear never opened and the male only one ear opened. How common is this in macaws and what needs to be done with this problem?...

Watery Droppings

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

I have a 12 year old African Grey & while we are in, he has free flight around the house. He's healthy very alert & talkative has a good varied diet. Occasionally he has very watery droppings which...

Feeding grit to parrots

EB Cravens

Do parrots need grit as a part of their diet?

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