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Expert Questions

Could temperature change cause the death of a Australian King Parrot?

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hi!  I need advice, My husband gave me an Australian King Parrot about a year ago and he appears to be fine, but this morning I found him dead, What are the possibilities of death by temperature...

Lack of regrowth of primary wing feathers

Brian Speer, DVM

Hello Dr.Speer, My regent parrot had his wings clipped when I got him. He is 9 months old now and the primary feathers have grown out on only one wing. I am concerned that they have not grown on...

Toenail color change

Brian Speer, DVM

Dear Dr. Speer, I have a female Seram Cockatoo of unknown age. I have had her for over 10 years. She is a very healthy bird who gets annual bloodwork and chem panels that have never shown an...

Sick Patagonian conure - again

Brian Speer, DVM

Dr. Speer, first of all, thank you for making yourself available to us. We appreciate it. Secondly, I have a question regarding my 15 year old patagonian conure, Luther. He’s an adoptee and I’ve...

Sick Patagonian conure

Brian Speer, DVM

Hello. I have a friend who has a 28 year old female patagonian conure. This bird has been sick for about a year with her main symptom as vomiting up large amounts of clear mucus intermittently. She...

Scarlet macaws with feather damaging behaviors directed towards their moulted feathers

Brian Speer, DVM

Dear Dr. Speer and Staff; Thank you for taking time to consider my question. We have two adopted wild-trapped scarlet macaws, both of whom are nearing fifty years of age at least. The second one we...

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